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Hello there escapist!
I'm console guy interested in playing some older PC games on my laptop. Mainly classic CRPGs like Planescape Torment and others. But maybe also newer ones like Morrowind and Kotor. I'm really not going for anything AAA this generation, but maybe some smaller or indie stuff. So just a few questions. WARNING: NEWBIE QUESTIONS BELOW.

What can my laptop handle? And will it handle them well?

Will having many games be a problem?

Will having games slow down the performance of my computer in general?

Would it be better to just run some games on my console?

For fun: Any recommendations?

Laptop: inspiron n411z
Processor: i3-2330M
RAM: 4GB (3.89GB usuable)
Hard disk drive: 378GB free
I don't know my graphics card, but hopefully that won't be the problem.

Thank you!

Captcha: is it enough
Good question captcha.

Check your graphics card via System Information. Other than that, you should have no issues tackling any of the games you mentioned. The only thing that you should be worried about the laptop's cooling. Just elevate the laptop while you're playing and you should be good.

Thanks for the help!

Rakun Man:
Thanks for the help!

Glad I helped. :-)


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