I can't seem to get the Escapist's Five Favorites of 2012 Quiz to appear.

I'd been quite excited to enter this comp because well I'm in need of a new computer, so I'd watched each of the 5 vids as they were released.. and... nothing.

I tried a few different things. I cleared my cache, I restarted my computer, watched the vids again, then watched them on a different browser, then on a different browser on a different laptop... nope, switched the security levels of the Escapist... nope.

I know I meet all the criteria in the terms and conditions, resident of Australia, from an Australian address, way over the age of 18... nothing.

When I'm logged out I can see the criteria below the AMD advert, but when I log in there isn't anything there.

So... does anyone have any advice on my situation? It'd be much appreciated, thanks.

(beginning to feel like it's fate, the capcha says "Too Late", lol.)


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