MSN Hotmail not working. Anyone know why?

Hi. For a couple of months I haven't been able to access my msn hotmail account. Every time I go to the msn uk homepage and click 'Sign in', all that comes up is blank page in a new window with the little error warning sticker in the bottom left hand corner. I'm using Internet Explorer 8.

Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?


Try using a different web browser. Microsoft has discontinued all support for IE 8, and apparently that is causing some problems with their webmail services. They want you using IE9. If you're still on Windows XP, IE9 isn't an option, but Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will also get the job done.

I hope that Windows IE9 fix helped you. Mine was doing the same thing with chrome until I opened in with an Incognitio Tab. It seems to work perfectly fine in there. So it's a but on their end.

You didn't accidentally migrate your Hotmail account to did you? Apparently that can also cause problems when you try to log into Hotmail.


Installing Firefox and using that worked nicely.

Thanks for the advice guys :)


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