Installed New Graphics Card Drivers - Computer Won't Reboot.

I just bought a Radeon 7750 and installed it into my computer. The computer first booted fine, and I followed the instructions and installed the new drivers, and then rebooted.
Well, now my computer won't boot. It starts up, but I don't get a display on the screen at all.
Any ideas?
I read somewhere that apparently I should have uninstalled my old drivers first, but the installation-guide does not mention this at all.
Please help, cheers.

Edit: I read that it might be my PSU as well? I only have 300w, but apparently the Radeon 7750 supposedly doesn't require that much energy, and it DID boot that first time.

Reference model HD 7750 card requires a minimum PSU of 400W according to

Also, unless the old card and the new card use the same drivers, you have to uninstall the old ones before dropping the new card in. Just pop the old card back in, boot up, uninstall and try again.

If that doesn't work then it'll be the PSU not having enough power... or your machine is possessed.


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