How much is this game worth.

I recently purchased a copy of Super Metroid at a pawn shop. When I got it home I noticed a sticker on the back that said
"Not For Resale
Demo Game Only
Property Of Nintendo"
Think it's worth anything?

I could be wrong about this but it sounds like a demo they send out to reviewers, a copy that technically shouldn't have gotten out but I doubt would be expensive for it.

Demo however worries me... like does it have a full game? If it's not packaged and you have a super Nintendo give it a try and see how many levels are on it.

I don't see why a demo version would be more expensive but I guess It's possible it's worth something.

Never would have expected that.

Demos are rare, so it might be worth something to a collector.

I just want to point out that even if it is rare and valuable, it will probably be a very difficult sell, because, if it only has a limited amount of content, the only people that would probably be interested in it are diehard collectors. I could be very, very wrong, though.

Sorry for the super late reply but I've tried it out and it has the full game.


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