Save a webpage and all its links 1 link deep?!?

Hi, I am trying to make an archive of some important information, basically there are 30 web pages that I want to be able to view offline, all have a list of links to PDF's in them, for example

Page 1

All these pages are set out in the way I want them, but I just need to be able to save the pages as they are and have it save the files to the folder too.

I really don't want to save the files individually to folders, or for that matter loose the format of the webpage (as the files are named somewhat inconsistently).

I have already tried plugins like downloadthemall and linkclump but they are no use for what I need

Any Ideas on how to do it?


there is a program called getright that used to download full webpages as many layers deep as you wanted it to
weither it still works like that i cant tell you as i havn't used it for years


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