any advice on buying a TV for use with older consoles ?

new TVs have problems with older consoles.
light guns don't work. eod. just forget about them,
outputs might not be exactly 50 or 60 Hz and the TV might not "like" that,
the stretching or filtering or doesn't work quite the way you'd really want.

crap like that.

i was wondering if anyone here, who perhaps still does a bit "retro" gaming, has any opinions on brands or any special features from manufactures which help in the "retro" compatibility stakes.

im from the EU so i have a bit of an advantage as RGB scart is a thing over here but buying a new TV is not a spur of the moment thing for me: i did several months research last time round and that led to my current CRT but the result was me owning a display that has handled basically everything that's been thrown at it perfectly.

except now i kinda want to watch blu ray...

and the prospect of buying a TV now (after all the tech has changed) and trying to make sure it'll work well with everything is kinda daunting...

The light gun issue has to do with the lack of scan lines which it uses as a reference point...without that a traditional light gun is never going to work properly, so without an old CRT you won't have any luck other than a combination of emulation via PC and a different type of light gun.

Other than that, it's hard to say how different things will appear without actually connecting them up (I wouldn't have a clue how anything would handle an off refresh rate, but I assume it varies), plus it depends on what you want it to actually look like. Regardless of what you get you're going to get a scaled image that won't be pixel perfect (resolution varies between consoles and sometimes games so it isn't really possible unless scaled to an exact multiple of the original and not filling the screen) though I assume you want the option to play in the original aspect ratio so you'll want to make sure that's available for whatever you go for (I wouldn't assume if it's important to you). Not sure if you're using anything with an old coaxial connection but if you are you'll want to make sure the TV still supports analogue (not sure if they're phasing this out yet but can't hurt to be thorough) or you won't be able to tune it in without a VCR or something in between.

Also, with some consoles you can get HDMI upscaler adaptors that plug straight into the regular AV port on the console and convert to a digital signal right out of the gate. I have one for my Wii and it gives me a much crisper picture than the fuzzy composite mess it came with (I assume SCART is better, but unlike HDMI I believe it's still susceptible to signal degradation). I know it's also available for the PS2 (might also work with PS1) and probably some others, just something to consider.

That's about all I've got. I play retro games on the PC (and occasionally on my phone)'s a lot simpler to get working and gives you all the visual options you could hope for. I get the whole playing it how it was meant to be played thing but it isn't the ideal solution.


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