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Hello, my fellow escapists. I find myself in a pickle, and would welcome any tech-savvy individuals to offer advice on my problem.

I was using the laptop on and off all day. I'd play a few games, come check out a site or two and then repeat the cycle. One time I came back, I was greeted by a screen full of white and gray horizontal lines. I attempted to pull off the ol' ctrl+alt+del manouver, to no avail.

My next attempt at fixing this issue was doing an old fashioned hard shutdown. I even unplugged the battery charger, being a little superstitious. ;D Anyways, upon restart I found myself yet again staring at the same screen. This time around, during shutdown, I closed the screen, flipped the laptop upside down and removed the battery for a moment. And yes, I have no idea what I hoped to accomplish by doing that.

But regardless, I managed to restart the system. Windows booted up all proper and the like, and then the screen froze and gradually went white. I shut the system down again, and upon restart the issue was fixed.

Thing is, I'd prefer to avoid this type of trouble in the future. Any ideas as to what is causing all this?

Did the screen gradialy started going white at the moment your computer turned on or only when windows has loaded up
This could be the laptops monitors control chip going old and passing out, although usually before that screen gets darker.
other option is that the GPU has became physically harmed (possibly due to overheat as laptops like to do).
Of course there is always the software option, but this does not sound like it.

I've seen this before, I believe the cable connecting your screen to the board is loosened or damaged (or the connectors themselves are damaged). There's no easy fix, someone is going to have to pull the thing apart...hopefully it just needs a new cable or to have the cable re fitted.


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