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Not sure how to phrase this, other than what's already in the title. What do you do when you have no motivation? How do you go about being productive?

Ever since my senior year of high school, I have simply stopped giving a damn about school, or even personal projects. I'm trying to develop a game, a game that I really want to finish, but I can't bring myself to do it. I want to start a web show, but I just keep myself in the planning stage. I wake up every morning ready to work, and then it just stops, and I don't get anywhere, spending hours just sitting on the couch or something, unless I work out or whatever. I'm just sick of it. I feel lazy and un-productive, and when I try to sleep, I am kept up by thoughts of what I SHOULD have been doing all day.

It's very frustrating and I don't have many people to talk about this to, so I figured I would come here. Any advice that you guys might have would be appreciated.

Getting motivated is always a hard thing to accomplish.
But all you can do is just "do it" stop moping around, stop being lazy and just do it. There really is nothing much else to it.

If all else fails however, get a friend to motivate you, by which I mean nag you.

grab a piece of paper and write out your goals. spend time making sure those are really what you want out of life. set dates for when you want to accomplish each goal and never lose that piece of paper

grab another piece of paper and write what it would take to achieve those goals and set reasonable time frames in which you can do those tasks

grab a third piece of paper and write "what i need to do tomorrow to achieve my goals" list all goals in order of highest priority and first thing in the morning start acting on those goals

Motivation comes from yourself. No one can give it to you.
You just need to know when you are doing something out of a lack of movation and then turn yourself around.

Wanna stop studying and do something leisurely?
Turn around. Force yourself to study.

It's discipline, it's self-control. Everyone struggles with it at some point. Some keep struggling with it their entire life.

Thanks for the ideas guys.

I don;t mean to sound whiny or complain-y or anything, it's just been getting on my nerves so this was a good place to get ideas. Well, it's 9:00 AM, so I guess it's time to accomplish some stuff

Things I've found that help:

Wake up early. It's a lot easier to feel lazy and like your wasted your day if you get up at 11:00 AM, then if you get up at 7:00AM. Along with that, when I get up (usually between seven and eight), the first thing I do is I go for a three mile walk. The cold and exercise makes me feel alert and wakes me up.

Make a short list of daily achievable goals. Just simple things, like 'respond to e-mails', 'cook lunch for the rest of the week', 'go grocery shopping', etc. I like to make a pen and paper list, and cross each item off after I finish it. For larger projects, decide that you're going to do a set amount each day, and put that set amount on your daily list ('write 2000 words', if you are a writer, for example)

Hope this helps. :)


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