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Hey guys, a few friends and I are thinking of starting up a Vampire: the Masquerade RP in the RP forums, we've got an idea for it and everything. The trouble is that I will be the Story Teller and I've never played a Vampire or White wolf game itself, I've read several of the books, have them on PDF as well but I've just never been the game master for this sort of "Personal Horror" style of game.

I have had experience as a DM in D&D but the two systems are vastly different since most of my group for that game just kick the doors in and "Orc Smash!" everything...not a lot of subtly in that group. This group I have now is different and would benefit greatly with more subtly and intrigue since its more a game about politics and favor currying than out and out "Smash the Sabbat." I guess what I'm asking for is advice on how to effectively portray all the NPC's they will run into since my last group just smashed them they didn't get alot of face time with them after all.

Any advice would be helpful, thanks.:)


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