usb 2 suddenly gone

ok so outa the blue my wireless usb went down. i jumped on my other PC to grab some new wifi drivers but when i plugged the usb thumb drive into my PC it just popped up with "failed to install drivers"

after trying a bunch of stuff to get the usb back up and running i finally decided on a fresh windows 7 install. heres where it gets weird.

usb 2 still not working.
my mouse and keyboard work from a single usb slot and they both work
disabling usb 2 in bios allows every thing to work but obviously only as usb 1

i've tried installing chipset drivers and individual usb drivers but it always pops up with "drivers up to date" and "unknown device"

really at a loss here any help appreciated

So you're saying one of your USB slots isn't working and gives you an "unknown device" error? Sounds to me like your USB slot is damaged. You could try looking inside to make sure none of the pins have loosened from the plastic tooth and are touching each other though aside from that there is likely no easy solution as the USB slots are probably soldered to the motherboard (they are sometimes modular in laptops though they are still a pain to replace). Not sure if you're using a laptop or desktop though if it's the latter there are probably additional slots on the back (and if not you can buy and install a USB card to add more assuming you have spare PCI slots), if the former you'll probably have to resort to buying a hub or send it in for an expensive repair job.


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