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Ok so recently I'v seen some of the gore videos and I'm just having a hard time getting them out of my head, I really hate seeing this kinds of things and I figured I would just be able to laugh them off but due to my own pacifistic nature they kinda got stick in my head.

My advice is do any of you know a way I can just wash my brain of ths things, like looking at pitchers of kittens or something! I personally have my own way of just sitting down and reading a book but also I recently saw one involving a car and I have a long ride to go see my own mother in a bit so please help.

Drown yourself in media.

Whether it be music, television, gaming, whatever, try to keep yourself occupied for the next couple days. The longer it's been since you saw the video, the less it should affect you.

Source: I've seen some very, very bad things in my time.

I hope you don't mean it was anything you saw on this site. :-(

I recommend watching some calming cartoons or amusing outtakes, anything to take your mind somewhere else. Here, try these:

to anyone who is tempted to watch some sort of gore video i strongly suggest you don't. seriously it can majorly fuck you up.

can't really suggest anything although i have been there before but what you may be suffering from is PTSD

I'd definately suggest what others have already said about drowning it in positive media. Funny stuff does the trick best.

Source: Well, I've seen some pretty bad shit, but that was very long ago. Before we had the internet to provide both horrible things and funny stuff in equal measure. More recently, I have habits of imagining horrible stuff to keep me awake and having to "flush it out" as such.


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