Little bit of advice for installing Windows 7 on Macbook pro with Retina.

This is something that I may not get around to doing for awhile, but I am interested in getting Windows 7 for my macbook so that I can actually play windows games on it. Here's the thing though, I have no idea what to do, and I mean I have NO idea at all what to do. My computer doesn't have a disk drive and I have no idea where I'm supposed to buy a copy of Windows 7 that I can get on my computer. I know how bootcamp works, but apart from that, that's I know.

OK, you may know how bootcamp works but I don't. Or not exactly. That is the tool for dualbooting the Macs, though, that's most of the information I have. And I'll apply some assumptions here that Apple are capable people who can make user friendly software and say that you can probably get by with any version of Windows 7. Assuming it's legit (maybe?). For a lack of CD drive - fear not, for you should be able to buy a license key from Microsoft...erm, somewhere but from Microsoft, maybe even other places like Amazon, dunno. At any rate, once you have a license key, you can just go here and download it - the website offers free downloads of Windows ISOs, you just need a valid license key (I haven't tried it but I'm led to believe it works). Once you have the ISO, it should be really easy - I assume you can just load that in bootcamp or if not, you can make a bootable USB stick with the operating system that acts like a disc.

Buy a Windows 7 OEM Disk, and you can either do the confusing way above, or simply buy a external DVD Drive which runs from USB. Start the laptop, press w/e button the screen says to bring up "Boot Menu" then pick the USB Drive. (or DVD Drive if it reconises it as that) and install like normal.

OTHERWISE, take the HDD out, strap it into a PC with a CD Drive, and install that way.

DO NOT FORGET THOUGH, to download your laptop's drivers first, and put them on a USB Drive.


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