Cosplay Help (Realistic burns and blood for nylon material)

I'm working on a Fem!Walker (Spec Ops: The Line) and I have managed to collect nearly all the gear I'll need for it. I specifically want to do Walker as he appears at the end of the game bloodied, burned, and run down.

The problem is, my stuff is nylon and it will melt if I attempt to give it realistic burns by...well singeing it. I've also noticed over the years that fake blood from costume shops just looks shitty on fabric and tends to bleed out when wet. I figure I can take care of all the flesh makeup work but the clothing is another story.

Anyone have any suggestions?

PS: Here is what I have so far. I'm missing the boots, vest, and guns. I also plan to tighten the shirt up a bit so I don't look like a child playing dress up. Any other suggestions would be welcome :)


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