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So I was surfing the internet today when this thing pops up.


At first I was terrified that this was a real thing but then I noticed they wanted me to send them money over the internet, and this made me suspicious.

After restarting my computer couple of times I managed to get back to my desktop, and look this up and it is in fact a scam. The guys who made it seem to have made different versions of it for different countries and its a worldwide thing.

Apparently its some sort of Trojan that can get past all the major Anti-Virus software programs. I've been looking online for awhile on how to remove it but different websites have different instructions, and I'm not sure which ones are supposed to be for Windows 7. I'm not even sure how to tell if its still there or not.

Has anyone run into this before and can tell me how to tell if the virus is still on my computer and if so how to get rid of it?

I would say a system restore is the method most likely to work, however this can also lose you quite a bit of informetion depending on when you made your last restore point (if ever).

An easier solution would be to use some anti-malware program(s), to clean out the infection. There's no guarantee you'll get it out though. The internet tells me Malwarebytes link is your best option, but there are others as well.

We had something similar happen to us at the office a few years back, and I ended up re-installing windows on the boss's computer (no restore points). SO, good luck with that.

I had to remove the AFP version of this from someone's computer, if I remember correctly I booted into safe mode, deleted it from startup, removed the executable and everything next to it, then did a sweep with MSE to clean up whatever was left (from it and other infections). If you've already got an antivirus installed you can try Malwarebytes as already suggested, it's good as a general scanner (pretty top notch detection rates) and doesn't get all up in your system so it can be used in tandem with basically anything else...though if I were you I'd switch from whatever rubbish you're using at the moment (if it can't detect something this common and simple to remove then it's probably arse). MSE and Zonealarm Free are as good as or better than at least the majority of subscription based security suites.

start in safe mode
type msconfig into the run bar and in startup search for any weird exe and remove them
run malwarebytes or "spybot search and destroy" to remove entries. swap your anti virus for something better (i recommend avg)
if i knew specifically what malware this is i could give you better tips but usually once you work out what the exe or dll is you can do a registry scan (regedit) and delete any registry entries you find

Run a virus scan with the scanner of your choice, perform a System Restore, and if you're still unsure, open an admin Command Prompt and run:

sfc /scannow

What that command does is check for whether any Windows files are corrupted and fixes them if that is so. That's pretty much it.


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