A topic i'm certain many might appreciate .

So I'll do away with the eleborate introductions and simply ask what the best way to meet LOADS of new people .

Well, that entirely depends upon the sort of people you want to meet. If you're not very picky, then you'll find a lot of places at bars and clubs. There's always loads of people at those places.

If that's now your crowd and if you're in school, try clubs. I found most of my friends through clubs, and then more friends through those friends. And the benefit of that is you already know you have at least one thing in common. When I went to anime club, I knew I was going to meet people who liked anime.

I don't think I can really give you much advice for meeting people outside of college, I've never been in that situation. Search for community clubs, maybe? Volunteer somewhere? And once again there's always bars.

Hey, first of all, don't go to clubs or bars. You will most likely get intoxicated + the people are usually there for a number of reasons:
-guys want to fight you, make fun of you in front of girls
-girls want your attention, so they can compete with other female friends
-drunk people always seem friendly, but they will not remember you, or they will not remember you in the same way.

Of course normal bars and clubs are excluded from this, but a lot of the expensive places rely on certain behaviors amongst their customers to make money.

(Im talking about the douchey jersey shore david guetta bullshit)

Meet people wherever common interests meet. Name a couple, and we can surely help you.

Why not hit up a sports club or try out a martial arts\self defence combat style? I joined an amateur wrestling club three years ago and on top of getting physically fit I met tons of great people and truly got some great stories I'll be telling to my great grandchildren when I'm like 150 years old. Competing also does wonders to a person.

Or even try something a bit more different, like take up a comic drawing course (made some very good friends when I did that) or see if there's a club that specializes in whatever hobby you like (assuming you like games, search for public LAN parties to join in on).

Just ignore night clubs and bars, they're only worth visiting if you've got a good bunch of friends going with you.

So I'll do away with the eleborate introductions and simply ask what the best way to meet LOADS of new people .

Join the French Foreign Legion.
Volunteer at a school.
Get a part-time job.
Do charity work.
Join a language class.
Take up amateur dramatics.
Try a martial art class.
Enrol in an aerobics/circuits class.
Start playing chess.
Join a book club.
Go speed dating.
Find some people to go to a convention with.
Become a Scout leader.
Start playing a team sport. Doesn't have to be overtly physical, it could be snooker or pool, or even a quiz team.
Join a life drawing class.

The first suggestion may or may not have been facetious.


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