Advice on baseball bat size and weight


I am 21 years old, 5'7" (169cm), and 143 pounds (65kg) male.

I am after some advice on a good length and weight for me.

This will be my first bat as I am looking to take up baseball for the first time.

This is what I currently have my eye on

Also some links to recommended brands would be great.


Honestly, if you're just taking up baseball, you don't need an expensive bat. Also - do some research into wood vs aluminum, as well. I usually played with aluminum on teams as wood has a chance of breaking and splintering and causing damage to others.

Heres a good guide to refer to for length and weight:

A 33" bat would be best, I expect. If you're playing seriously in a league, check out guidelines as well as there may be restrictions. The site also has reviews on brands and such.

And don't forget to break in your glove, too. I've broken a finger playing with a glove that wasn't broken in. (I went to cup the ball with my other hand as the glove didn't have give yet, and the ball broke my thumb.)


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