Sooo...i've just turned 18....

Anyone got any advise willing to share? Im a fairly depressed individual and not much achievements in school to inspiration in the horizon, plus i live in israel which means im going to be drafted to the army soon...

So...anyone willing to share some knowedge???

Hmm... sounds like you're in quite the pickle. I'd suggest throwing yourself into the draft. Look into the options available to you and begin pursuing what interests you; electronics, mechanics, etc. Do everything you can to become a master at your craft. The military does seem to work wonder regarding instilling discipline into youth, so remember to find a hobby aside from your career focus you also enjoy that you can master; such as carpentry, or a musical instrument. Joy comes from doing what you love; but it's your job to find out what that is.

I don't know what the IDF is like or how restrictive your draft is but I'd recommend trying to find a trade that appeals to you. As a military member, I believe that it can present many great opportunities for personal and career growth. I joined up when I was 17 having lived a pretty regular life with nothing special to show for it. Now, I find myself in an army trade and job I like with good benefits, challenge and a sense of worth. Sure, it's not for everyone but I recommend you try to make the most out of it and see if something appeals to you.

If "fairly depressed" individual in this case means "heavily insecure" individual, I'd suggest to take your chances with the army. You'll enter a pansy, but you'll come out a man. It'll be good for your self-esteem.

Thank you for the replies.

As a fan of military tech (and also being prior service myself) I have to admit I wish I had gone straight into the military when I was 18 and still young. I had a friend in high school who had a civilian pilot's license and was ordered to fly for Spain during the first gulf war. He was depressed over the thought of being called in to fly jets in a war zone but he never did. Potential danger aside, I believe he was rated to fly a Mirage jet, which I thought was very cool.

Without getting too political, you will have an important job to do, but take comfort in the fact that your country has developed a lot of advanced technology needed for its own survival. You have the Merkava, Rafael's Trophy system (which has advanced greatly since inception) the Tavor (Tav-21) and even some strange things like the Cornershot (developed by a civilian I believe). Chances are you'll be issued an M16A2, possibly an M4, but I found both to be outstanding weapons.

Yes, it's all fun and games until you go to war, but war may never come for you. And judging from online photographs, there are a TON of hot, young men and women in compulsory service in the IDF. Whoever you are in real life, know that complete strangers are wishing you a long, happy life.

Here's a good piece of advice:
Don't get your expectations from movies and books and TV and such. There is no magical moment (for you at age 18) where it'll suddenly all click. There is usually no defining moment that will turn your life around. 18 is just a number, another year that passed for you. This doesn't have to be 'the moment' where your life changes for the better or where you make some really important decisions. Those can come later as well. Like after you've done your time in the army. Heck I bet that time in the army will give you a whole new perspective on the world anyway, which could then change things for the better.


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