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Greeting fellow escapists,

I'm seeking advice on how best to apply for refugee status and would like your input. Let me explain my current situation first. I hail from Singapore, a country that enforces conscription and jails those that do not comply. I despise having to serve a government which does not look out for my interests. It's only idea of national service is though military means. You are disallowed from being a conscientious objector. I feel it's highly unfair to face persecution for not wanting to bear arms. They glorify violence, and even claim it transforms boys to men. It's disgusting, and I have no desire to be a part of this barbaric culture in which I have no say in. They also stifle freedom of speech, opposing the government can get you in trouble, along with marking unsavory remarks against heads of local corporations here. I apologise if this offends anyone, but I'm tired of this. Every day, I wake up to see the same flag and sing the same anthem in hopes things will change. It hasn't, and I've truly had enough.

Is there anything I can do to improve my chances to be accepted as a refugee? Any suggestions are welcome.

i really don't like you chances of seeking refugee status from a country like Singapore

Have you tried visiting Citizen and Immigration Canada website and/or talking to someone from the department? That being said, I know our Conservative government (I'm Canadian) has been making some sweeping changes to immigration and refugee policies (not necessarily for the better). Evidently, it'd be a lot easier if you already knew some people in the country as I think having a sponsor goes a long way to getting in.

The best I can say is read up what you can on the Internet to better understand it... and good luck to you.

Can't you move out of Singapore without invoking the anger of the state? If you were to be a resident in another country at the time of conscription would that still count as desertion? I mean, if you move away now and come back in five years will you be put in prison for draft avoidance?

Is there any way out of military service? Do you have any sort of evaluation that you can fuck up on purpose?

Many western countries themselves employ compulsory military service so I don't think you'll be able to get refugee status on those grounds.

I know it's not my place to give you life advice but have you considered if doing military service would be that bad? When I got my draft letter thing to fill out here in Sweden I fudged it on purpose because I was 18 and not looking to spend a year or so with a bunch of dudes doing hard training in freezing temperatures. But looking back on it I kind of regret not having taken the opportunity when I had a chance to get what amounts to a free admittance to an education in a pretty exciting field.

Atrocious Joystick:
Can't you move out of Singapore without invoking the anger of the state?

I'm afraid my hands are tied, there's not much I can do in the way of leaving like that. I'm a little young for that, but too old to consider other options. It looks like I'll just have to go though it, as much as it pains me. The country has many forms of safe guards against this happening and it seems like I'll be here for some time yet. The only other option is if I had a lot of cash but millennials don't really get that privilege. Sorry if this seems like whining, I'm just tired with the way things are so far. I've already screwed up with my choice of educational institute and now I a good two years or more behind my peers. Thanks for the help anyway.


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