Not sure which story to write?

Alright so this is a little weird but I'll try to explain it as best I can.

I love creating fictional universes, sci fi ones, fantasy, whatever. And recently decided to start writing a story from my favorite sci fi one, but here's the thing, I'm not so sure which story I want to tell.

See I have the story of a super soldier girl and how she's raised and trained and everything she goes through as a state-sanctioned killing machine, both mentally and physically. This story is sort of a character bio story. There would also by simultaneous story threads involving a doctor who's part of the super soldier project as well as a fleet admiral who's trying to come to terms with approving said project.

On the other hand I have a story set in the same universe where the same character is there but it starts much later when shes and adult and follows a more "normal" group of soldiers and what not through the universe as they uncover a bunch of conspiracies and blah blah blah.

The thing is I'm not sure which story to tell, I personally want to tell both stories but on one side I think the character bio story would be to revealing and perhaps to formulaic (not that the other one isn't but still).

Yet the other story is a good one but I don't quite have as strong an emotional attachment to it as a writer as I do the first story.

So what do you think I should do? What seems like a better story to tell?

Sorry if this was a confusing read I'm a bit tired. Thanks for the advice if you give any.

TL;DR: Should I write a story about a super soldier growing up as a super soldier or a more general "band of misfits on a space adventure" story?

For me, based on what you've given, I would say the more general band o' misfits. It is my belief (although I have had some interesting discussions with those who think otherwise) that a sizable part of story is being able to relate to the characters. Obviously this is only a part of the narrative, and there is a lot to carry a story with a less relatable protagonist. However, if this is your first story, I would advise this course of action:

Start with the aforementioned general band. As these people are more human, the reader will be able to interpret their views on the world you are making more easily than someone more 'alien'. After this, when the readers know about this world, use the supersoldier story as a prequel, when the readers have a mental point of reference to the world.

Obviously, it's up to you. Emotional attachment is a large part of writing, as it gives you enthusiasm and energy. I've done a little writing in my time in a couple genres, and if I ever felt disillusioned with the story, my writing suffered massively. And keep me informed! I want to see what these stories turn out like.

Good luck!

I'm gonna go with the second one. The first is a really intriguing idea for a story, but I think after the initial novelty of it it's going to be really hard to keep the character interesting. If this was a game or a movie you could just run it on her doing badass stuff, but in a story you're going to have to be in her head. I don't think she'll translate as well as the space misfits (best band name EVER).

However, her story sounds interesting enough that you could show it from the point of view of the "misfits". You said that the girl exists in that story anyway, so you're free to go as in depth as you want into her background. I'm a lot more interested in how a group of normal people would deal with encountering her than having the story be told primarily from her point of view.

Hope this turns out well!


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