Computer Help-really getting mad

So my computer is having a huge problem.

About five minutes into startup it refuses to do anything. Anything I click on after this five minutes my computer acts as if I didn't click on it. Any program I do have up before the 5 minute limit gets the "not responding" treatment. I can go into safe mode with no problems whatsoever(that's how I'm typing this). I've tried restoring it to a earlier date with no avail.

Any tech savvy escapist want to help before I use my computer as a practice dummy for my baseball bat?

EDIT: I've tried msconfig and disabled everything for startup-same issue.

What OS are you using? What make and model is your computer? How long has this been going on? Did anything happen right before this started? I probably won't be able to help but this information will give someone else more of an idea as to what happened.

I don't know the make and model as it's a custom made one but the OS is Windows 7

Did you change anything (install new programs/add new hardware) before it started acting up?

Try a virus scan.

I think you should run a virus and malware scan, then do a boot time virus scan.


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