AMD FX 8150 or Intel i7 3820

Not taking price into consideration which of the two is the better choice? The computer would be using a Nvidia graphics card, I don't know if this makes a difference but I thought I'd mention it just in case one of them works with Nvidia cards better than the other. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks in advance for any help.

(The computer will be mainly used for gaming and video editing with Adobe Premiere.)

You can't really compare them without considering price, though.

The Core i7 is undoubtedly faster although Intel's edge over AMD has lessened with the newer FX chips, the older ones struggled to compete with Core i5's. The FX 8150 is IMHO better value for money, but is still slower.

If cost is a concern AMD, if it isn't Intel.

AFAIK SLI capable motherboards are readily available, if more expensive.

Thanks for the advice.

The i7 should serve you very well with tasks like those.

i7 for sure. If price is not a problem then there is really no reason to get the AMD.

Just some added thoughts.

While the AMD FX-8150 has 8 physical cores versus 4 physical cores for the Intel Core i7-3820 (8 virtual cores with HyperThreading), it has only 4 Floating Point Units (the bit that does the hard maths really fast) and whatever method AMD use to share them is considerably less efficient than HyperThreading, which is why the AMD CPU's are slower on almost all objective benchmarks. And games and video processing tend to stress the FPU.

That being said, the Intel CPU is $130 more expensive than the AMD one ($170 vs $300 on Newegg). Money which you could spend on more RAM or put towards a better graphics card. As Premiere now uses GPU processing (CUDA and OpenCL) for some tasks, that could make more of a difference that buying the Core i7(edit: it won't). NVidia's CUDA is generally still faster than AMD's OpenCL, by the way.

At the end of the matter though, the AMD FX-8150 is still slower than the the Intel Core i7-3820.

EDIT I've just found a review that gives Cinebench scores for both chips . The Intel i7 3820 beats the AMD FX 8150 by a respectable margin. Cinebench simulates a similar sort of load to Premiere.

Thank you that is very helpful, I appreciate you taking the time to help.

Andrew pretty much has it covered, while AMD is slower, the price for them usually isn't worth the difference I find. All I can suggest is if going to get a fx chip, see if you can scrounge up some cash for an fx-8320 or fx-8350, overall a much better Cpu for not much more.


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