That first plunge - Upgrading my Video card.

So, I've finally managed to pick out a card and get the money for an upgrade. Been aiming to do this for a long time, and so I have a card picked out already - an Asus, mid-tier card. I can deal with bumping the settings a bit, so long as there is an improvement from the integrated crap on the motherboard.

To my question - I'll provide a link to the card, model number of the computer and whatnot, as well as specs on the motherboard.. I just want to make absolutely, with no doubt, that when I get this card I won't have any nasty surprises. Right pin configuration, right setup, nothing will explode when I do stuff, etc.

On to the links.

Spec's page for Computer.
Motherboard spec's are the first bit. Expansion slots are listed under it.

Video card, Newegg
Good old Newegg. Asus card, Radeon 7770.

Any other advice is appreciated, too. I'm aiming to play things like, maybe, Hawken, The Witcher 1&2, the newest Tomb Raider, etc. My main game is Guild Wars 2 right now - running at a cool 20fps with the graphics slammed down to rock bottom.

I'm pretty sure the 250w PSU isn't going to cut it.
You 'll want to grab one of these

Alright, added it to the list. Otherwise, seems to be fine, right?

I don't see anything which would cause concern (except for the power issues previously stated), it should just be a whack it in and go job, no pin configuration (in theory the motherboard should default to the installed card), nothing in the way on the motherboard (from what I could see), maybe a small explosion but that's normal.
Although something to think about, rummaging through newegg there's currently a Geforce GTX 650Ti for the same price which appears to give a bit of extra bang for your buck.

Alright, added it to the list. Otherwise, seems to be fine, right?

Everything would be ok once you get the PSU, although I would agree with Aitur on the Geforece GTX 650Ti. Performance wise there aren't any huge differences, but the nvidia card is a little bit more power-efficient and it's the same price so what the hell.

Hm, thanks for pointing that 650Ti out. I think I'll grab it instead. Got the PSU ordered, and I'll process the video card right after this. Thanks fellas!


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