PC refusing to turn on

OK, my computer is not turning on, so I am using the laptop. I've determined it is not the power cable connecting it to the plug board, as I tried a second cable. It is not the plug board, as I used a second plug board. There is a green light on the back of my computer when the power goes to it, so the power is actually getting there, it is just not turning on. When I hold down the power button on the computer, nothing happens besides from some faint clicks from the monitor. Any suggestions on what I should do now?

I have most of my important files on a hard-drive, except for my new CV because, you know, yesterday I wasn't expecting my computer to fuck up.

It has done this before a few times, but usually came back after a few minutes or if I held down the power button. But today, it has been like this for maybe an hour now.

Any actual help would be grateful. Thanks.

Also, it is a very new computer, got it about December, set it up in January.

Sounds like the power button or it's wiring is fucked... that or the PSU has shat itself.

Seems like a power supply unit issue.

Already been said, probably power supply, though it could also be the mobo. Either way your hard drive and CV are fine.


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