Need to interview game designer for a school project, does anyone know somebody?

My English class has assigned a project on our desired future professions and I chose to be a game designer. I was wondering if there was anyone here on the Escapist that either is a game designer in the industry or at least knows someone in the industry. I just need to ask them a couple of interview questions, so if someone knows someone please pass this on to them.

There are a few users on here who are "in the industry", I'm not sure what kinds of jobs they have exactly though. They're the ones with the red usernames (currently drawing a blank on names, sorry)

EDIT: @Virgil and @ThriKreen are two of them.

Hmm.. You could also try some indie developers since they seem more.. approachable. I met some devs while playing GAR and they were fun to hang out with. The steam greenlight is a good place to start.

Josh Sawyer, who was one of the lead developers of Fallout: New Vegas has a Formspring account where he talks to his fans. You could shoot him a few questions as well:


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