Computer case fan adapters.

Good grief. I've built a PC, finally got it going, but I'm STILL failing to find a fan adapter that will work. The fans, all three of them, have a molex male and a molex female, each. And the motherboard has a 4 pin male, and two 3 pin male sockets for fans on it. And I cannot for the life of me find adapters in the UK. I find ONE thing that will work..!

And it's in the US. I would really like this machine to have decent cooling, but currently have no way to hook them up. PSU has no molex ports free. And I had an adapter, it did one of the molex to the motherboard, but not the other. That's not good enough apparently. Help?

The idea of having male and female molex connections on the fan is that you can connect it up without it taking up one of your molex cables. Essentially it works like one of those power cables that has a plug hole on the back of the plug meaning you can plug two things in the same slot by piggybacking the first on the second rather than having a dedicated power board or double adaptor. Just unplug one of your existing molex cables, plug the fan into that, then plug whatever you took out into the fan.

There IS no molex socket though. Motherboard doesn't have any ports for a molex, and the PSU doesn't have spare cables. The motherboard does have 3 pins and 4 pin plugs, but those aren't compatible with molex unless I get an adapter. And apparently, an adapter for both of the molex plugs per fan.

You plug the molex from the PSU into the fan and then plug the fan into whatever the molex was plugged into.

You just cannot plug fans with molex connectors into your motherboard. There is no need for spare molex cables since the fans provide female to male adapters. Some higher end fans have 3 pin or 4 pin connectors so that they can be controlled from the motherboard's PWM.


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