Keyboard/Mouse/Headset Advice?

Hi everyone,

I got a new gaming rig about a year ago and since then my gaming life has improved dramatically (as I can finally play games more recent than 10 years old). However I'm still using peripherals from when I was using my laptop at Uni. Currently my gear setup is (with the current problems mentioned)

Headset: Microsoft Life-chat LX-3000 (3rd pair due to very weak arms; cups are too small for my ears so slightly uncomfortable after prolonged use; not great sound quality so I swap to my drum kit headphones or 'double headset' when not chatting which is slightly inconvenient as I use Skype a lot)

Mouse: Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000 (cost me a whole £5 so not amazing, would like some more buttons, unresponsive scroll wheel)

Keyboard: Microsoft Digital Media Pro (worn out e key, kinda heavy button presses - this is the piece of gear I probably don't need to upgrade so much, but would be kinda nice at some stage)

I've heard good things about Steelseries Siberia V2 as a new headset, but I'm completely lost with regards to the other two as I wouldn't know my dpi from my dps. Anyone got any reviews/recommendations/advice or even any brands or models to steer well clear of. Obviously want to get as much research on this as possible before forking out the moneys as there's no real way for me to try before I buy. I trust you internet!

tl;dr - looking to upgrade periphals, advice plz kthnx

If I went out to buy peripherals right now I'd go for these:
Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder X6 (if you can still find those)
Mouse: Logitech G500 or SteelSeries Sensei
Headset: Siberia V2

Thanks AWAR, cant see anywhere listing that keyboard for sale- is there a newer model or something?

Thanks AWAR, cant see anywhere listing that keyboard for sale- is there a newer model or something?

It seems that it's discontinued in favour of the Sidewinder X4 which is still a cool keyboard but doesn't have the removable numpad of the previous model. The Steelseries 6Gv2 is also a solid keyboard.

Logitech G400
Keyboard: Doesn't matter.
I find extra buttons on a keyboard completely useless. At the very highest, all you need is a volume up down mute.

Ah yes, Microsoft Life-chat LX-3000. I have one of those for Skype, I know exactly what you mean by uncomfortable after a long session.

I prefer using earbuds when gaming though, it's a lot lighter and comfortable. I used to have a Bose OE2 headphone, and it was very light and comfortable, I'm pretty sure some hobo stole it from me on the train.

Keyboard, unless you want to go for the look, you don't really need to get a pro-keyboard. Any generic keyboard will do fine. I can say the same about the mouse too, just get one around $30 - $100. Logitech, Razer and Steelseries all make good mouse.

I'd prefer a headset with a mic rather than earbuds. Mainly for noise cancellation but I also already have a set of headphones I'm using (as I said in the OP, they're my drum kit headphones - bassyyyy) but it's a pain having to swap headsets when using skype for gaming or double head-setting. Rather have the one unit for convenience sake.

Hearing good things about Steelseries Sensei, so I'll ask a friend who has one for advice.


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