Some advice how to deal with an awkward thing?

I apologize if this seems like a weird early post but I have a simple question attached to a weird happening and didn't know where to put it.

A japanese girl came to romania 2 days ago to visit a friend she has here. She's never been to romania before and I went to drive her from the airport. I know her friend but she couldn't come because she had a night shift. So I went to the airport and the plane came at 1:00 AM, she knew I'd be waiting so it wasn't a problem finding her.
Anyway, we went in the car and started driving. Everything was good, we were talking, she seemed very interested in our culture since she was never outside Japan (talking in english obviously).

The awkward thing happened after a few minutes of driving thru a forest when she said "Do you know that japanese girl that was killed here a few months ago". At that moment I remembered that about 6 months ago a japanese girl was taken from the airport by a guy pretending to be a taxi driver, driven into the woods and raped/tortured/killed. And needless to say I fealt really awkward at that moment since I'm a romanian guy driving an asian girl thru the forest at midnight and she just happens to mention a dead japanese girl.

And I would have kept quiet about it but she quicly realized what I was thinking and started apologizing and then I apologised for making her think I thought that and so on. And it was weird. There was an air of silence all the way to the destination after that. We both tried to start a new conversation but didn't quite work. It wasn't like I was upset or she was upset or anything like that, just that it was weird.

I'm writing this because next week I'm supposed to take her back to the airport and I am a little worried because I don't know if I should mention it again, or let it go ( I'm thinking of letting it go) but what if there is the same awkward feeling again, then should I mention it? I don't quite know.

"So I see you didn't raped and tortured and killed! Congratulations!" Okay maybe don't say that. It kinda sounds like she doesn't have a perfect grasp of your language (assuming you were talking in Romanian [fuck, Romanian's a language, right?]) and wanted to talk about a crazy thing that'd happened a short while before but didn't know how to articulate it properly. Personally I'd stick with asking about how her trip went and what she did and if she had fun. Plenty of stuff to chat about on a car ride. Pointing out there's a pink elephant in the car on makes everyone stare at it more; IE: "Remember when you said that really awkward thing? Yeah that was awkward. Now so is this."

assuming you were talking in Romanian

Actually, we were talking in english, she doesn't know romanian. She articulated it properly, but I think she didn't realize it will be weird. Anyway, you are right, there's plenty to talk about, I just won't mention it.

In my experience this kind of thing is not unheard of with Japanese people. I chalk it up to: A) Japanese English courses not tending to teach what is socially appropriate (i.e.: if the sentence is grammatically correct it is acceptable to use in conversation), B) Japanese news rarely covering what happens in other countries unless a Japanese person is involved (so she's trying to talk about Romania and this might be all she knows), and C) the general awkwardness of young people interacting across cultural barriers.

I understand why it was awkward, but I'd say don't worry about it. Let the topic go, and just talk to her about her trip, if she had fun, what she did, if she wants to come back, what her home town is like, etc.


I understand why it was awkward, but I'd say don't worry about it. Let the topic go, and just talk to her about her trip, if she had fun, what she did, if she wants to come back, what her home town is like, etc.

You are right, that's probably for the best. I will see her before I have to drive her since I'm in the same circle of friends as her friend, so hopefully it won't be awkward. But yeah, I won't mention it.

I agree. You just need to let it go :)
I am sure the giel wil appreciate it too.
I think she was just sincerely trying to keep a conversation going. Dont over think it too much.

What if she's the ghost of the girl who was killed and she's testing you? You should be careful OP. I would suggest just driving her and acting like she isn't a ghost. If she finds out that you know she's a ghost things might get ugly. Maybe she'll give you a reward! Like a special ghost reward or something.


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