Brothers in Arms, is it worth the buy and what to expect?

I was just browsing the Steam Weekend sales when I noticed Brothers in Arms was on sale for $13 for the 3 main titles. This interested me quite a bit, I had never played a BoA game (I'm 18 so when they where in the height of their popularity I was a little to young to get into them) but I here they were really good. My question is have they aged well, how do they play, and what to expect from them. I've heard they are actually a really good representation of WWII and that they do have an emotional punch, which I like cause the second World War is something that I find to be very interesting. If anyone can give me some advice on what I'm getting into with them (without any spoilers, of course) than please give it, I'm a little stripped for cash so I want to know if they are worth the buy. Thanks to anyone who can give me some assistance :)

BTW, its Road to Hill 30, Earned in Blood and Hell's Highway that's on sale.

It's been three days since you posted this, it's one thirty in the morning and I've nothing better to do. Lets see if I can't help.

It's been a while since I've played any of them but I rather enjoyed them. I still own Hell's Highway and I played an earlier one (Road to Hill 30 I think). I honestly don't remember a whole lot about them; I had so many WWII shooters at the time I think I'm adding a bunch of them together in my head but I know they had squad combat with different types of units and I think you got to control each of them from the third person/ first person when aiming and shooting. They're turn based if I'm not mistaken. So it you like third/first person shooters with squad combat and turn based strategy games this is right up your ally. Or watch a couple of Let's Plays to see if this is something you'd like... Yeah I'd go with that option.

Wow... Sorry this isn't more helpful. I feel like I should be drunk to give out advice this bad.


Buy them, buy them, buy them.
Play them in the order they were made because the little adjustments that are made over the years make the 3rd one a lot more user-friendly.

The best story in a Shooter I have played (I never played Half-Life), with caracters that feel like real people.

My advice is this, buy them, play the first: If you can't get into it because the gameplay doesn't quite click, then play Hell's Highway because they make a lot of improvements.

Also, keep in mind that it is a tactical shooter, normal shooter logic of you gunning down hundreds on your own doesn't apply, use your squad.
Play them, you won't regret it, Gearbox at their best.

Not the greatest title in the world, but you should be glad you bought it.
They are older, so the graphics are decent at best. It is not a full blown COD FPS, it has a lot of tactics involved and actually utilizes the idea of suppressing fire. The story, for a game that old, is quite good. For thirteen bucks, it's a steal. I say do it.


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