Translation Patch Help, Front Mission 2?

I ordered a copy of Front Mission 2 Ultimate Hits and it came recently, I ordered it to use the Translation patch that is out for it since I had already done the same for Front Mission 5. The problem is that there are no reliable guides that i can find to help me apply the patch. The patch comes as a .iso.imagediff file which is the exact same format that the Front Mission 5 patch came in, the problem I am having is that my disk image creator, ImgBurn, defaults to .bin for ps1 game where as i need a .iso to make the patch work, and i got a warning when i tried to have it create an .iso and my emulator ePSXe can run a clean .bin of the game but not the .iso whether i create it from the disk originally or I convert a .bin that i ripped. Any one who has done this before able to help. I also am using the 2E patch since they said that the 2R is for converted versions of the Original not the Ultimate hits version that i have.

To stress this point and not get this thread locked, I own a physical copy of Front Mission 2 Ultimate Hits.


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