Advice for a newbie reviewer who got set on fire

Ok so i recently got hired into a company that does reviews for games, tech, etc., and i just did a review and because i wasn't completely in love with the game a bunch of people got pissed. it wasn't bioshock infinite or anything so please dont ask if it was that. honestly im a little bit worried cause so far all of my reviews that ive done so far were received well but since this one is getting alot of negative comments, i feel like im going to be fired over this. should i be worried? my rational thinking tells me i shouldnt be cause i did my job and my writing usually gets reviewed before it gets posted, but what do you guys think?

You shouldn't be worried. Heck, you might get a raise. If something is controversial it's gonna get more views, and more views is good. There will always be someone on the internet that gets mad when you say you don't like something that they like, you should really get used to that considering the job you're doing. As long as you're articles are well written and your ideas and reasoning are explored well enough there isn't really any way to fault you. Just don't say shit about Bioshock Infinite or I'll burn your house down.

If a company fires you because you expressed an unpopular opinion, that company honestly isn't worth your time in the first place. Remember, this is the internet, people get pissy when you give a game they like a nine out of ten. If you didn't realize you were going to cop some flak for your opinion, you obviously haven't been on the internet very long. As long as the review is written well, it doesn't really matter how people receive it. A review is meant to portray the reviewer's opinion, not pander to the mass opinion. Any company that thinks that isn't true is completely worthless as a review site.

There is a big disconnect from revier to normal viewer your answers are not always going to agree. You'll be able to win the viewers back eventually. I seriously doubt you'll get fired though the only way that would happen is if you gave a bad review to tech your website was receiving advertising money for.

Thank yall for the advice i really appreciate it, looks like i was worried over nothing lol


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