Searching for songs from trailers

Have you ever watched a trailer and wondered "where the heck can I get this music?"

Because I have that question for these two trailers, still wondering what this music so so I can hopefully find it.

and this one

If anyone can find the songs for these I will love it, and maybe we can help ya find the music ye want from other trailers.

For the Music!

I can't load either of those videos at the moment, but there's a good chance the music is from a group called E.S. Posthumus. Their albums Unearthed and now Makara are especially popular for movie trailer music, partially because they released those albums specifically to be used in movie trailers.

Pinning down the music for specific trailers is nigh impossible, and I say that as somebody who has a playlist full of movie trailer music (Two Steps From Hell). But Check out Two Steps From Hell and ES Posthumus, while you probably won't find the specific song, you find find lots of equally and even more awesome stuff.

Not sure but I'm guessing IMDB has soundtrack listings for movies, possibly even ones that only have trailers released?

Orks da best:

According to iTunes, who sells the soundtrack for Space Marine, it was probably composed by Sascha Dikiciyan & Cris Velasco... if the piece in the trailer is also on the soundtrack or by the same people (if you have iTunes, you can preview all of the pieces from the soundtrack).

Other than that obvious guess, I don't think those pieces of music are by any recognisable artist in particular, they sound like synthesised-orchestra music created in a studio and probably programmed by one person, like the Dawn of War 2 music.

All of the music for Dawn of War 2 was composed by Doyle W. Donehoo, so if it's not by the composers of the Space Marine soundtrack, it could be him (although those two games aren't listed in his resume), but if it's not him, then those two pieces were probably composed by the regular, unsung music guy who worked on those games, who would be whoever is credited with doing the music in the game's credits.

Maybe I'm missing something but have you tried the App, 'Shazam'? It identifies music by listening to it.

music in trailers is no indication of what the music is in the actual movie but in the case of game trailers you should have a high chance that whoever composed the game music also done the trailers so go check out the sound track for the game

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