.... Treasurer/Secretary Advice please! ;D

So a friend recommended me joining this site and you know- look around and ask for a bit of help.

Awesome sauce.
So, my crazy friends have convinced me to run for Secretary/Treasurer, and I know how to write the speech and what to include, but I'd like some input on some of my problems with running and solutions to them Also, a couple advice questions. Following this is a bit about me and who I'm running against.

1.) There are four positions in student counsel. Pres, Vice Pres, Public relations and secretary/Treasurer. I have friends in each position- one in each other than mine. We're thinking about posting posters that say "The Dream Team!" etc. Do you think it would hurt our chances if we run together? It's a boy and three girls.

2.) Most students make buttons or print out stickers that say "Vote for _____!" I, unfortunately, do not have the funds to do so. I plan to put up posters with little one liners on them like "Vote for ___, she's the Man!" (See later why this is, well, a horribly funny pun) Is there anything Else I can do besides just posters?

3.) I don't know that many Freshmen. I'm in all Honors Classes, and that's 60 different people at the most. I'm in theater, and thats like another 5. I just... yeah. I'm not sure what I'm asking here. I really have to rely on my speech.

4.) ...I... when I speak publicly I tend to respond to the audience. Too much. If they start talking etc I get distracted and lose focus. Crazy, right? I guess the fix is to practice, and practice a lot. Maybe memorize certain parts.

5.) Should I include a part at the end, thanking the school and highlighting something good about each of the "Dream Team." Ex: Before closing up, I'd like to say I'm so grateful to be running with such a great group of candidates for all positions. Prez is incredible, always going out of her way to do the little things for this class. Vic-Prez is hilarious, plus he sings with me! (LOL here) and PUbRel is just so determined and dedicated to everything she does..... (breath) And since I think i've covered all the other positions for running, thank you -----(school name!) And don't forget -insert catch phrase!!- Bye guys!

About Me:

My last name is Man. Hence the terrible pun. I'm a girl with a happy personality, relying on my own comedic phrases and occasionally dryness to have fun. I'm a better writer than speaker- Terrible handwriting, though. Uh... and I have a strong disliking for egotistical and rude people... which is one of my incentive for running.

About my Rival:

He's witty and funny- and has a HUGE ego, worse than Bill clinton. Know so-so people. he's already won once. He can be rude. Also, he has a twin running for the position, too, which, of course, is a bonus. There is no one running against him except for me. We both dislike each other, he's rude to others, and I don't give him any attention. He has access to buttons, stickers, and posters.

About the Running mates I was talking about:

(We don't have to run together, just so you know)

She has run before and won, because last time she didn't have any formidable competition and is a skilled speech writer and spokesperson. Can't direct Business or give orders/directions because of whatever reasons. Will have a tight race with another girl who used to be viceprez. Doesn't know that many people very well.

He has never run before, but has a great personality and knows a ton of people. Don't know how he writes or whatever. Good friend, Seriously funny and happy all the time.

Me ;D

Public Relations----
She has run before, and lost to the other twin. Really sweet girl, but determined and dedicated to get things done. Was in Talent Show and did AWESOME, so people might recognize her. She knows a bit more people.

Thanks you so much for reading my text wall!

For getting the word out, social media is definitely one way to get name recognition- Facebook, Twitter, that sort of thing

Try to turn his positives into negatives; Sun Tzu might help in this department (http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/1771.Sun_Tzu)

Know what you WANT to get out, but be prepared to shorten/improv some things; people don't have a long attention span for long things

I hope this has been helpful, good luck and welcome to the Escapist

Thank you! His quotes are inspiring and I'm sure I could use them in one or more places!


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