If You Could Spare a Minute for my Problems?

Thank you for any input.

I think you should just ask her yourself.
Don't pressure her to answer one way or the other, just say something like "Hey some have been saying you really don't want to talk to me, but I wanted to hear from you first".
That might be because I suck at subtlety and would rather a guy who I take time to talk to would do that.

Also, you should give me that tub of gummy bears.

Hey. Anyone who uses Bruce Campbell pictures that effectively can't be all that bad. Forget what your friend said.

I'll give you some advice that's taken me far in life when it comes to things like this

"There's no reason to use dental floss unless you're trying to strangle someone with a very weak neck."

So do any of your friends have weak necks?

OT: Don't give two tosses what they think; what YOU think is the most important and no one likes a grumpy cat!

Your first priority should be making yourself happy. If she doesn't like you, then you shouldn't kill yourself over her. Doing that to yourself actually causes grief. If one doesn't want to be miserable, then he shouldn't imagine that one girl will change all that.

Being weird means you don't conform yourself to one's norms. You actually want to be yourself instead of fitting the society's norm. If you're willing to accept yourself, then it will bring you confidence in yourself. Sure, a few things will bring a few sentiments against you. However, a girl that accepts you for who you are will be better for you.

In short, if a girl and some of your friends don't believe in you, you should look for someone else that make you happy. Whatever happens, you need to make yourself happy and you'll be better for it.

I would move on from this girl and probably from your circle of friends. Anyone who tells you that you are creepy is not really worth your time. You'll find other people who aren't dicks. Have patience, and confidence.

Remember, in the worst case, you stuff it up and nothing is gained, but nothing is lost either.

I initially misread "my morning mood" as something less SFW....

Anyway, it's odd that your "friends" are all comfortable to be blunt with you like this. Who knows, perhaps they have a point, even if they're expressing it insensitively? Perhaps ask them exactly what it is that you do which "creeps people out" or makes them feel uncomfortable.

Also, don't take just their word for it. Carry on talking to the girl you like. If she's not interested - or worse, finds you unpleasant - I'm sure she'll find a way to tell you this.

A little reality check and introspection now and again can be a valuable thing. Try seeing things from other peoples perspectives, and all that. But at the same time, it's not worth becoming paranoid over. Just try your best to be a nice and genuine guy and the people who matter will respond positively to that.


Thank you for any input.

Maybe your friends are right and she does think you're creepy

Or maybe they're completely off, and she doesn't think you're creepy.

You know who is the only person to know what she thinks of you? She is.

Can't hurt to ask her, and if she's as nice as you describe her to be, on the chance that she doesn't fancy you, I'm sure she'll let you down easy. As many horror stories as there are out there, most people really aren't that bad.

Also, how good of friends are these people? Cause it couldn't hurt either to ask them why they thought you were being creepy

You know whose opinion of yourself really matters at the end of the day? YOURS! GOSH DARN IT! :D

These "friends" of yours seem really counterproductive to dealing with the romantic elements of your life. Look back at your very first post, who dragged that good mood and positive image down? The girl? Nope. Your friends? Most definitely!

While doubt is difficult to overcome and can be crippling at times, don't lose sight of the perspective you had. Try your best to reclaim it and set out for your original goal.

As mentioned above, if you can regain your perspective and shut out the friends that are trying to put you down, then it can't hurt to finally ask this girl and get a definitive answer on where you stand.

If things work out, yay! You just proved a bunch of people trying to put you down completely wrong.

If things don't work out, and going by your description of her, I'm sure you could seize the opportunity to truly ask once and for all if the "creepiness factor" truly exists.

Either way, your world will not come crumbling down, there will be plenty more girls to ask out (I'm sure there will be girls that will ask you out!) and re-evaluate your circle of friends, because they seem like a toxic bunch of people that will repeatedly bite you in the ass when these kinds of situations pop up in the future.

You're awesome OP, best of luck! :D


Dude... Dude... Woah. That's very uplifting, thank you. Thanks to everyone who chipped in but thank you the most. I know it's lame, I don't know you outside of your name and avatar but... Thank you, that means a lot.

I didn't update the thread cuz I assumed it was dead but as of... *checks imaginary watch* 3 days ago I have divorced a couple of friends (it was the final straw when they disapproved of my plan to get pre-ripped jeans) and asked that girl out. That went... Well... She's french, has a very pronounced accent and everything, so I asked her out using French words and... I didn't make out what she said afterwards. I was too nervous to ask her to repeat herself so I just ended up talking to her about the furthest removed topic I could think of for 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes she said she thought I was really nice because I tried to talk to her and she can't speak to many people and I almost fell to my death... It went well... Still don't know what she said.

Also gals won't ask me out. Trust me, I'm a nice enough guy and I'm friends with a few girls but I am not attractive in any way as a boyfriend...

1) Bruce Cambell is bad-ass so if you are using him as your montage pictures means you got nothing to worry about in confindence or creepy.

2)If your "friends" can't accept you for who you are they are not friends and they probaly can't accept themselves. Simply put if you have a question about someone the best person to ask is probaly the person themselves.

3)Just cause you are paranoid doesn't mean that something isn't lurking in the shadows...such as gnomes.

I don't think you should be angry at your friends. It's a bit like when a friend points out you have spinach stuck in your teeth, you might feel stupid and embarrassed but they didn't say it to embarrass you.

What you should do is double check their assertions and if true use that knowledge to improve yourself. What really matters isn't really if you come over as creepy but why. No one is perfect and having flaws is natural, being aware of them in order to be able to improve them is a good thing. It's like having spinach stuck in your teeth, it's better for someone to point it out so you can remove it rather than not knowing it's there and having it there all day long.

You know when people used to and still do give me crap about whatever it may be. Instead of shutting them out and getting pissed about it I question them as to why they feel that way. If they say you are creepy or make bad impressions, etc. Ask them why do they feel that way, what is it about you that causes them to feel that way about you and what they would suggest on how to fix it. NOTE: You don't have to do what they say but it never hurts to get opinions (mostly). As you said it seems to be a number of people that all get this vibe from you. Perhaps you should listen to them and just see why they think that way and see if maybe they are onto something. Maybe you'll get a new perspective or insight into yourself and better yourself. I know that is a painful thing to do but the only way to improve is to take criticism sometimes. Criticism is a good thing, without criticism nothing would improve.

Or just dump your 'friends' and get new ones because yours seem like jerks, heh.

Good luck :)

Edit: Just read your second post. Seems your 'friends' were wrong then if she seemed really cool with you. Good on you for asking her out even after your ex friends bagging on you like that.


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