Getting a US green card with intent to work?

Hey all,

As a foreign citizen, I realise I have a few hoops to jump through, and so this is just an idea but I'm intending to pursue it.

Certain jobs in the US require a green card, and will not support or assist anyone in attaining them (i.e. the US Army). But if there is no job confirmed, one cannot attain the card on the basis of a job, right?

If that's the case, how the hell do I get it? It's like a chicken-egg scenario.

- HateDread.

Do not ask about Permanent Residency if all you want is a job. That sends very bad signals and will get you denied.

There are two main classifications of visiting aliens: Immigrant Status, and Non-immigrant status. To be given Permanent Residency means that you have cleared the approval of USCIS showing that you are visiting the U.S. with the intent to stay and become a citizen. This is hard to get. There are many benefits, and everyone in the world wants them.

A green card (Permanent Residency Card) isn't a ticket to work in the U.S. The card is meant for people who fully intend to become permanent U.S. citizens. The card gives foreigners access to our country, our welfare services, financial aid, unrestricted education and employment, and eventually full citizenship with voting rights.

If you try to talk about Permanent Residency to an employer, they are going to act cautiously. USCIS and DHS do not take kindly to people trying to use Permanent Residency without showing any dedication to becoming a full citizen. They consider it gaming (cheating) the system.

To work in the United States as a non-immigrant, you need what is called an EAD Card (Employment Authorization Card). Review the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service) website:

This is all the quick explanation. Please review the USCIS website for instructions. They are the administrative branch of immigration under DHS (Department of Homeland Security).


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