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Poll: 3DS normal or XL?

So basically,

I'm wondering whether to take the 3DS or the XL version.
And while you're at it should I take Fire emblem awakening or monster hunter ultimate.
If possible please explain why.

Thanks anyway.

So basically I want to ask to you guys if I should take the 3ds or the XL?
And also if I should take Fire emblem awakening or Monster hunter ultimate (both got pretty nice bundles)?
Please if possible explain your opinion.

BTW if you want to recommend other games please go ahead.

Well, I'd say if you've got the extra cash to spend go for the XL. Larger screen, comfortable to hold, better battery life, and so on. Also yes, absolutely get Fire Emblem if you enjoy strategy rpgs. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate isn't a bad choice either, but it's better with friends and grinding for materials can get tedious.

Go for the XL, it's larger real-estate and better battery life (which I've heard is pretty horrible on the regular sized 3DS), it's also only slightly more expensive than the smaller one.

I went ahead and got the XL, and looking at my friend's regular 3DS I can't even fathom playing on anything else. I wasn't aware of the longer battery life at first, but I did notice the battery lasting a lot longer than I would have expected (given you're reasonable about it--turn off the 3D when you don't need it, adjust the screen brightness appropriately). So, yeah. Go for it.

XL. If you're dropping the cash for a 3DS, might as well go the whole way. I got the Red XL and love it. A lot more comfy for the hands and better battery life.

XL fo sho. I'm loving it and this is coming from someone who hasn't bought a handheld since Gameboy Pocket came out. Fire Emblem's the only game I own for it so far and I love it... so I suppose I'd tell you to buy that.


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