PS3 Disc not working

Firstly, apologies if this should be elsewhere in the forums... But here goes nothin'!!

Looking for a bit of help/advice as my Mass Effect 3 disc stopped reading/working on saturday. Bit annoying, as I'm about halfway through the game, and eager to continue (even though it's not my first play-through!) Tried a variety of other discs, and they all seem to work fine, but with ME3 it's not even showing up on the home screen. When I insert the disc, it makes a sound as if it's about to eject, then the usual whirring disc noise, but nothing else. (Again, this only happens with this one disc.) There's no visible damage to the disc - in fact, it's only been out of the box and straight into the console when I started playing, where it stayed until saturday.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Any suggestions for quick fixes?

Maybe you have a defective disc?
If you've tried other games and they all work, the problem is probably with your copy of ME3.
As to what could've happened to it, I can't say. Blue Ray disc are usually pretty durable, maybe yours was just bad from the beginning?

See if you can rent or barrow another copy of ME3 and test if that one works.

It's hard to say since the problem seems to be with the one disk. Seems like either the disk is faulty or the laser in your Blu-ray drive is starting to fail ever so slightly. Try the disk in someone else's PS3 if possible, maybe get a replacement if it doesn't work. It may even be possible to claim warranty on it.


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