Are Fanmail Messages Acceptable on the Escapist?

Is it acceptable to message reviewers, etc. on this site with compliments, questions or similar things if you don't know them? Or is there some other preferred method of showing appreciation for their work?

If you want sure, as long as it's civil/obeys the Code of Conduct you can message anybody you want on here

Cool, I don't plan on sending Yahtzee any hate mail.

Yup, sounds fine to me. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Most of the contributors have an email address at the end of their articles or videos. It should be fine to mail them on that (no guarantee of replies of course). The fulltime staff will generally reply to PMs as well.

A few contributors are also active on the forums (the Reel Physics guys reply in their threads reasonably often), so you can chat about the subject of the video/article in there occasionally as well.


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