hitman absolution help needed urgently

Before you ask ive been on google and nothing has been really helpful

So im playing hitman and i have to collect these fuses from an orphange and its nigh on impossible. So far ive got 2 fuses (1st one downstairs on that lobby desk, 2nd one upstairs where the guys being tortured) i then go to a checkpoint and i then have to the other 2 (one in the creche type are and the other in the medical supplies room). Im mostly struggling getting the medical supplies one. Ive killed the guy stood next to the big freezer and got rid of the body. I then make a quick dash and grab the fuse (sometimes im lucky sometimes im not) i then leave that room and kill the guy with the mask in the corridor (BTW ive already killed the other guy on that corridor). If im lucky to get that far im struggling to get back to the elevator

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys

Oh god i remember that one, took me forever to get it.

For the basic idea, see this.

there are multiple walkthroughs on youtube, also following different routes.

From what I've read you got the basics down, but have patience, get enemies out of the way one by one. (seriously, kill most of them) then when you get back to the main(?) staircase immediately go into incognito mode and read the flyers there. Should someone have seen you go there that will make them unaware of you and you can just wait it out till the move away. Then take the route to the fuse room via the upper floor.

That mission is a real pain in the arse, just because all the enemy are already on high alert.
I found the best way is to approach is by going round the back of the cafeteria (where the leader rants at his men) or through the crèche.
Wait for the people to be turned the wrong way (use instinct to be sure), then grab the fuse and quickly hide behind the counter it's on. Wait again, then flee to the corridor round the back of the crèche. Past the cafeteria, into the church, through the secret door, to the lift.


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