PS3 region-locking question

Hi! Just bought a PS3 long-distance from Chile (I'm in Argentina). Will that be a problem regarding region-locking? South America is supposed to be Region 11 but I bought a game just now that has "region 01" on it (US). Meanwhile I'm waiting for my PS3 and I wonder what region will it be, and will it play the games I buy over here, which should be region 11 but for some reason we have region 01 games?

I've been snooping around and apparently there're practically no PS3 games that are region-locked but I'm just wondering out here.

Yes, it'll work just fine. I import games from other regions every so often and I've had no issues. PS3 is region free. Just like the PSP was. There shouldn't be problems with playing games or systems from or for any country. The PSN is a different story. If you want to access the content on the Japanese/North American/etc store you need separate accounts made for each particular region.

Awesome news and thank you very much for the answer ;)
Anybody want to chip into my reassurance, you're more than welcome.

As far as PS3 games go, they're completely region free.

Blu Ray movies, dvds, ps2 games and ps1 games are still region locked when playing them on the PS3.

That being said, Argentina and Chile have the same Blu Ray region so Blu Ray movies will be fine. DVD region is also shared between Chile and Argentina so that won't be a problem.

For ps1 and ps2 games, it looks like it won't work as Argentina is PAL and Chile is NTSC. That being said if this is one of the new PS3s then it wouldn't play PS2 games regardless of region.

That's OK, my trusty PS2 isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and PS3 games over here are so expensive it'll take years to build up a decent backlog to parallel my PS2's.

About DVD's, I've bought a couple over in the US, as well as one PS2 game about a year ago. Both the DVDs and the PS2 game work fine in my DVD player and my PS2. I think Argentina is usually tagged inside the Latin America region when in fact most of our stuff comes from the same region as the US's. At least before the government was fucking with us about imports.


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