Anti-depressants - A good idea?

A bit of insight here:

Back in February, I was diagnosed with depression. At the time, I was in my final year of uni and had made no progress on my final year project, which caused a lot of stress. This won't have caused the depression, but sure as hell made it worse. There were other factors involved as well.

Anti-depressants were mentioned then, but I was told that for the first 6 weeks or so they make you worse. I felt like I would not have been able to handle it back then, as I didn't feel I had anyone I could really turn to for comfort. I also did not feel I could handle being worse, as I was in a bad state at the time.

University has finished now, and I am a week away from starting work. I've since got back in touch with my best friend and we're back to being really close. I also live with family now.

My situation has improved; I don't tend to feel as bad as I did back then, but it's obvious my depression is still affecting my mood from time to time. One thing that plays on my mind when the depression does hit me is my ex girlfriend, and it's been over a year since we broke up now.

Anyway, I intend to see my GP in the morning to bring up an issue with my wrist. I'm thinking I should mention my depression and try and get a prescription for anti-depressants.

What I'm really looking for with this thread is first-hand experiences with the drug:

Did it make you feel worse during a certain period after starting them? How much worse did it make you feel?

But most of all, did they ultimately make you feel like you could well and truly be yourself again?

Ultimately though, do you feel that you're better off with them?

I know these might seem like stupid questions, but it's been playing on my mind for a while now and I need to make a decision. A big factor is that I start work next week and don't want to risk of giving a bad impression due to the negative side-effects of the first few weeks of taking it.

I'm in a very similar boat. I suffer from depression which was kick started by the break up with my ex-girlfriend, which was also just over a year ago now, I'm a lot better than I was but still have almost nightly manic bouts of it. I'm currently on a 30mg dose of Mirtazapine which is taken every night about an hour before bed because it's not just an anti-depressant but a sleeping tablet too. I have been off it for 2 day periods and things got very sharp very quickly to say the least.

It has been however a massive help, I don't think even now I would be able to sleep without it and really helps bring the worst of it under control. However it's very hard to come off of I'm told and from my experiences being off it I would agree. It's something that needs to be come off of gradually by reducing the dosage.

If things have been really bad for a while then I would definitely recommend it. I don't know how bad it is for you though, I was so bad when I went on to it I had barely eaten for 2 weeks (lost 2 stone in that time period) and had developed severe suicidal tendencies. But you don't need to be this bad to go onto meds.

Best thing to do is just consult your GP, there's a wide variety of services available in the UK for young people dealing with this and you can get referred through your GP (I'm guessing you're young and in the UK since you've used the terms uni and GP :P).


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