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I'm currently completing year 12 of VCE and I've got exams coming up, and honestly, I have no idea how to keep motivated and keep doing the work, I did all of it throughout the year and now I'm just crumbling to bit, help :S

Don't think about the big picture. You're thinking about ALL the work you have to do. This will start to feel overwhelming. Instead, pick one thing you want to do today/tonight. Nothing too big, just an hour of study. Then do that one hour of study. Don't do it while you're watching TV or anything else, really commit to that one hour, knowing that after an hour (which is nothing) you can walk away from it. Then repeat the next night. Just focus on small chunks, and commit to them. Bite size study. You may not get the top grades, but you won't crash and burn either.

I'll also tell you the two best bits of advice I ever got about studying;
1) You just have to pass (I know it's a gradient but hear me out). Another way to say it is, you just have to finish. Maybe you didn't study hard enough. Maybe you should have read more. Don't worry about it now, just commit to taking the exams come hell or high water. You can kick yourself all you want later, just don't get stupid and do nothing.
2) Maybe not so true anymore but for me their came a question. You could quit, keep working at Pizza Hut and then your best career prospect is being a Pizza Hut manager. That's the BEST case scenario if I quit. If I just keep plugging away, and scrape my way into Uni, then there's still the possibility of better things. I did NOT want to be a Pizza Hut manager (not that there's anything wrong with that). Modify this to your own life situation. It's not about your friends, or family or school. It's really about what you want. I didn't want to be a doctor so I didn't need to kill myself in Year 12, but I needed to at least "pass". And I did.

Best of luck, and remember, bite size chunks.


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