GTA:V 360 jagged edges...

Hi, I have an issue with the graphics of my GTA:V. I'm running on a Samsung le32r41bd and it's all connected correctly to HD but particularly in cutscenes. Distances seem to have "jaggies" and any movement in game causes blips. Thank you for any help as Its really hampering my enjoyment.

This is what happens when a console generation drags on for way too long. The Xbox 360 and PS3 really don't have the power necessary to run a game like GTA V, so they had to make some pretty severe compromises on the graphics to get playable performance, eg. no Anti-Aliasing. There probably isn't anything you can really do about it, you'll likely just have to put up with it.

Looks like some others have had this problem. Can't comment on effectiveness of the advice because I don't have a 360 or GTA V, but it might help:

Can you tell if it is lack of Anti-aliasing that's causing the jags, or does it seem to be some other graphical issue?
This is how a lack of anti-aliasing manifests:

Also, apparently it's not a good idea to install the play disk as well as the install disk - ie you should ONLY have the install disk installed on the system, with the play disk in the tray.
Rockstar have said it's because if you have both installed it'll try to access both sets of data from the hard drive (which takes longer than getting one from the hard drive and one from the disk).

The 'blips' you're getting could be the object load times taking a bit longer because of that. Unlikely, but worth trying.


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