Gimme your bluetooth!

I'm looking for a bluetooth headset(more like an individual earpiece) and was wondering if anyone here knew of one that fit what I needed. First, it has to be able to connect to my ipod(meaning A2DP capable) and it has to be an earbud. I can't stand the ones that just sit in your ear as I listen to a lot of podcasts that don't have a high inherent volume and I have to crank the volume on everything to hear otherwise. Having something where I can pause the ipod by pressing a button on the earpiece would be greatly appreciated, but not required.

The closest I've found thus far is this

It's okay, but it doesn't have the earbud part or the pausing capability(I think). If anyone is wondering what I mean by earbud, this is what I mean:


Something similar to that, where that squishy part goes into the ear canal.

Side note: You know those packages where the plastic along the sides is mashed together and looks like this? Does opening what is essentially non-resealable make it non-returnable? <.<


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