What should I buy to record gameplay and audio on a ps3? Like for let's plays?

For a while now I have been thinking about starting a lets play channel on youtube and I figured I would try sometime soon. I have a general idea of what I should get but my problem is that I am unsure of which specifically I will need or if it is the right one. My previous experience comes from live streams that I have done off of my computer but that was ages ago and I am looking to start fresh and new. Also I should clarify one major thing, the laptop I currently use is a Macbook pro, its what I use for work mostly and I barely play games on it, which is why I prefer to use my ps3 rather than my computer. I am looking for something at a decent price that can record gameplay and audio footage at a decent quality. So yeah, any thoughts on what I type of recording software or part I might need to record is most appreciated.

Also no Mac hate related comments, I just need some honest answers to something that I am unsure about. Thank you for your time.

Whenever I hear people talk about game capture they always go to the Elgato:

Looks good and seems to work well enough.

Blackmagic Intensity Shuffle for Thunderbolt is your best bet. Don't know your budget, and it's a little pricey but it'll last you forever.

Thank you for the posts, these products sound like a great place for me to start.

Hauppage HD Pvr with Sony Vegas 6(?) as your editor. It was the setup I had and it worked great with great video quality.


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