Getting over a relationship

I'm not really good at it... Usually just end up drinking and hurting myself further emotionally and physically... I've been working hard not to contact him again though.

Any tips?

Spend as much time with other people as possible

Whenever you get the urge to contact him, text another friend

Play moar videogames

Find another hobby that involves socializing, like Magic: The Gathering

Or the old standby: play a ton of Taylor Swift/Adele/breakup music of choice, eat junk food and watch something mindless and stupid

I'm actually in the exact same situation right now. Just got out of a really bad relationship which lasted a year, got lead on by the end of it, and it just really hurt. Hit me up with a PM and we can complain about our exes haha.

Depends... who broke up with who here? Usually the one who was broke up with is the one who pines the most - for obvious reasons - so I'll assume he broke up with you?

Recognize what you valued the most from him or what you miss the most about him and realize that he wasn't the sole provider of that thing. Other people can do what he did and you'll find someone with those qualities without his failings.

Every relationship is a learning experience and unless it was abusive it was a good one to have... and even the abusive ones can sometimes be beneficial in the long run.

Posted this in your other thread.........

Take a step back and look at your situation.

As you're thread states you are looking to fill a void in your life, and if that's what your desires are drawing you to do go with it.

Go a day without a drink, and then on the following day do all the things in your day which you have to get out of the way (getting out of bed, going to work/school/whatever, running your errands etc). After you've finished have 30-60 minutes break, then sit by yourself in a room with no distractions and as much silence as you can get (so no TV, stereo, game system etc. playing).

Clear your head, especially of thoughts to do with love/relationships, and start asking yourself what you want and what you are drawn to, and go with it. If you get the desire to learn drums? Learn drums. Ride a horse? Ride a horse. Become a Catholic? Become a Catholic etc.....

Where you are now it's time to stop thinking and start trusting your instincts and desires. But they must be none relationship based.


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