Getting help with depression in the UK

I've made half a million threads of me whining here and actually managed to do very little about things, so I've decided to make a more determined effort to seek help because this is ruining my life. I'm probably going to come across as very naive here, but I haven't seen a doctor since I was eleven or twelve and it certainly wasn't for anything like this.

I'm shitting myself about getting help. Am I supposed to just make an appointment with my GP? Will they be able to help, and is it the first place that I should go to? I'm scared that I won't be able to explain how I feel properly, or that it's nothing and I'm wasting their time. Has anyone done this before and has any advice?

Anything would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

I believe this might be a good start for you. If you need help to get to that point, then perhaps you should call these folks first.

Or, you can start even further back on this page and do some reading.

I may not live in the UK, but I'm more than happy to look up information for you. It's the kind of thing that's probably best left to an outsider--not as in outside the UK, but someone who doesn't know you personally. And once you get some people who do live in the UK in this thread, I'm sure you'll be in good hands. Just don't hesitate to ask those questions, got it?

The people I know who've suffered from depression have been prescribed antidepressants through their GP. I think your local doctor's surgery or GP would be a good first port of call - you should be able to make an appointment without stating upfront what it's about, and when you see the GP/doc list your symptoms and say you suspect it's depression. It's fairly straightforward to get prescribed meds, and they might be able to point you in the direction of counseling or support groups too.

Good luck.

Keeping in-mind that it could be a week or two until the actual appointment.

Get in touch with your local doctor or GP, they should be able to forward you to someone you can talk to.

In the interim, music, particularly classical, can help a lot as well. Get some pencils and sketchbook paper and start drawing to take your mind off your worries. It's good to have a place of peace and contemplation.

There are always the forums.

Your GP can refer you on to;

your surgeries in-house psychologist/counsellor (Most group practices will have one especially in London)

Refer you to your local counsellor/Psychologist - this is the same as above, just in a specific unit

Prescribe you a short dose of anti depressants - depending upon circumstances. This is unlikely on an initial meeting.

Give you general health advice - the cause could be a number of normal factors compounded by things like poor diet, general stress and lack of appropriate exercise. (A combination of all of these things can increase the impact of what started as something minor)

Depression is very common and nothing to be afraid of or to be overly concerned about. Its one of those things that helps you learn more about yourself; what's good for you, what's bad - and how to feel good about yourself. Often we don't learn these skills until its vital we know - these are skills everyone needs to develop at some time in their life to deal with life's inevitable stresses.

There are plenty of treatments available nowadays and most GPs are very professional and able in this area given how common it is.

Well, for starters, sorry I've taken so long to reply and thanks. I wasn't really sure what a doctor's appointment would entail afterwards. I'm planning on getting an appointment sorted as soon as I can- it's not really a subject that I want to broach with my family, friends or colleagues yet so I'm struggling to find time that people won't notice.

Thanks again.


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