Recommend me a new Anime series

Going to have allot of free time soon and want to start and try a few new series. movies are good too but really looking for something with more stamina to keep me occupied.

Here is a list for people to run through their brain algorithums of my top 5 favoite series to date:

Attack on Titan
Black Butler
Cowboy Bebop
Dragon Ball Z
Soul Eater

thanks :)

Gonna be lazy here and re-post an old comment

Here's a bunch of good ones

I'll throw in a few movies as well

The Garden of Words

Mardock Scramble

Princess Mononoke

Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind

5 Centimeters Per Second

Based on your favourite series I'd recommend Hunter x Hunter most of all, it starts out slow but gets incredibly good as it progresses.

Toriko might be your cup of tea. It's a faster paced and better written Dragonball Z, except instead of looking for Dragonballs, you have master chefs hunting down rare ingredients.

Beyond that, maybe check out Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood if you're looking for something darker and more dramatic.

Or Darker Than Black if you're into people with unnatural powers duking it out in a city with a vigilante assassin.

Why do I almost never see people recommend Slayers? It's an intentionally cheesy and goofy classic. Also Funimation has officially uploaded all five seasons for free on youtube. Though since it's a comedy I prefer the dubbed version, which they've only put the first few episodes of up for free there.

If you like something more grim, there's always the new Berserk movies (though the manga is better) and the Hellsing Ultimate OVAs. I personally think the 13 episode Hellsing TV show missed the whole "Ultimate achievement in the sleazy exploitation genre" point of the Hellsing franchise really really hard, and in general has aged poorly.

I think you'll like Sword Art Online a lot if you liked the fights and animation in Attack on Titan. Don't expect TOO much from the story though. It's just an average story. I purely loved it for the animation and action.

Also maybe try Hellsing OVA? It's a 100% vampire anime that later adds in vampire nazi's. (yes you read that right.) But if you don't mind vampires and can look past the...satire of western culture I would almost call it, Hellsing OVA is great! (Don't watch the normal Hellsing anime. It uses part of the same manga's story, but soon diverts into something...confusing and out of character imo.)


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