adverts keep hijacking escapist pages for me, antivirus and malware says I'm clean

ok, I keep finding when I'm browsing the escapist, the page will go blank and just have a rollover banner ad for at the top. if I hit refresh it usually goes away, and I get to the page I have selected, but sometimes it come right back and hijacks the page again, and its always the exact same ad.

I'm on chrome, and run AVG and spybot search and destroy checks at least once a week, and both are saying I'm clean. any idea whats going on?

I would suggest asking this group:

There's not anything else I can add, I'm afraid, since I haven't been getting banner ads for a while. I have heard some people sources suggest that anything 'powered by' BetterSurf is basically Adware that you can delete in your Google Chrome or Firefox extensions menu.

EDIT: Back when I was plagued by it, I had to delete it that way every so often because it kept trying to come back.

I'd assume it's just an ad - these kinds of ads aren't too wide spread, but common enough. Yeah - usually, they do exactly what you describe and no - they are not any sort of malware (well, maybe it slightly depends on your personal interpretation but not officially anyway) but they do tend to be annoying.

I'd advise to get in touch with the Tech Team or use the contact form. My understanding is that the tech team does try to prune the most annoying ads, and especially ones that tend to interfere with the website, so it's worth notifying them of that.


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