Advice Building My First Computer

Hey guys, I've finally reached the point where I need to upgrade my computer and figured I'd have some fun and see what I could build myself.

I'll be transferring over some parts from my current build:

Corsair CX750 Power Supply

And these are the new parts I'm thinking of getting

I was wondering if everything checks out, and how it will hold up playing current games.

I was also curious as to whether I should pick up a new case. Does it matter, in terms of cooling, whether I should go for a Mid or Full Tower?


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If this is for gaming, get a 4670k instead. The performance difference between this and the i7 in terms of gaming is negligible. If you are interested in Overclocking use the money you saved from the i5 towards a z87 chipset motherboard.
As for the case, I think you will be ok with Mid tower and a couple of fans. full towers are freaking huge and useful only if you have tons of hardware or if you want easy everyday access to the components.

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